Episode 32 - 2017 Year End Retrospective

We return with a discussion of 2017.

Show notes and links

Closing tribute to the life of R. Lee Wrights taken from this video.

Updates and corrections

  • Ed Forchion is not being held pending charges on drug possession. They are planning on retrying him on the one charge that the jury deadlocked on (Witness Tampering of the 3rd degree). They are holding him until the second trial, again without a bail option.
  • We didn't mention another notable death of a liberty activist. We also regret the passing of Robert Leustek. Robert was a good friend of both Jay and Joe. He passed away on August 15th at the age of 46. He was active in New Jersey, especially during the Ron Paul campaigns. Robert and his wife Gloria relocated to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project. Both Robert and Gloria were very active in the Free State Project and were instrumental in helping plan many Porcupine Freedom Festival gatherings.